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【重要】2021年秋季華語班公告 Important: 2021 Autumn Term Chinese Courses Announcement



In accordance with the government's announcement on August 9 that the epidemic alert has been lowered to Level 2 and the educational facilities and venues are "conditionally" open for in-person classes, our 2021 Autumn Chinese classes are currently planned to be proceeded 【In-person on campus】.

For those who want to maintain online classes due to health concerns, our center also offers "Autumn Term Online Synchronized Courses". Our center carefully selects experienced online teachers and provides the most diverse and interesting online courses so that you can complete efficient online learning and achievement at home, and have the learning effectiveness and course quality worth the price! As long as you join and become a member of our website, you can enjoy a free 1-hour one-on-one online class (worth NT$1,000) right now! This is a great opportunity, so please take advantage of it! Sign up NOW!

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