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【 免費文化課-活動報名】豫劇

你聽過「豫劇」嗎?想更認識中國的戲曲文化嗎? 當天將帶你認識豫劇特色、角色人物、表演身段等,還有機會穿著戲服演練的體驗喔!✨

📅 活動日期 :2023/03/24 (五) 🕐 活動時間: 🔸早上場 9:40-11:00 / 🔹下午場 13:40-15:00 🏫 地點 :求真樓 Q002

🙋 報名對象:以華語中心師生、校內師生優先 ❗️ 報名期限 : 即日起至 3/17(五) 16:00


機會難得,快來報名這次的文化課程吧!🙋 ➡️

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 【Free culture class - Activity registration】Bangzi opera(Yu opera) Have you heard of "Bangzi opera(Yu opera)"? Do you want to learn more about Chinese opera culture?

You will be introduced to the characteristics of Bangzi Opera(Yu opera), the characters and the acting style, and you will also have the opportunity to experience acting in costume! ✨

📅 Event date: 2023/03/24 (Fri.) 🕐 Activity time: 🔸 The morning session 9:40-11:00 🔹 The afternoon session 13:40-15:00 🏫 Venue: Qiuzhen Hall Q002 Room 🙋 Participants: Give priority to the CLC teachers, students and the teachers and students on campus. ❗️ Deadline: From now to 3/17(Fri) 16:00

A friendly reminder: If you fill out the form and pay the deposit of $200 at the Chinese Language Center office on the 1st floor of the Lourdes Building before 16:00 on 3/17(Fri), you will be considered to have successfully enrolled and will be able to reserve your seat. Before paying the deposit, please check with the office to see if there are still seats available for the venue you wish to register for.

Come and sign up for this cultural course!!🙋 ➡️


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