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【2024年文藻兒童華語營現正報名中📩-立即報名享有早鳥優惠價! 2024 WENZAO KIDS’ CHINESE SUMMER CAMP Enrollment Now Open -Register now to Enjoy Early Bird Discount🔥】


Make Chinese learning vibrant and exciting! Using drama as a medium, ignite children's passion for the Chinese language through traditional theatrical performances, stimulating their imagination and expression. Explore the wonders of language starting from hands-on crafts! Let children create handmade crafts to spark their interest in language. Food tasting allows children to deeply experience the unique charm and cultural essence of Chinese festivals. Guide children to inspire self-growth, broaden their horizons, and learn through drama, crafts, and food. Join our Wenzao Youth Summer Camp in 2024 and let children embark on their Mandarin journey filled with creativity and fun!

📅 活動日期 Event Dates:

1). 第一梯次(小小戲劇營🦹): 7 月 1 日(一)~7 月 5 日(五),共 5 天(一週)

The First Session (Little Drama Camp) :

July 1st (Monday) to July 5th (Friday), a total of 5 days (one week).

2). 第二梯次(小小手藝營🧵): 7 月 8 日(一)~7 月 12 日(五),共 5 天(一週)

The Second Session ( Little Art and Craft Camp ):

July 8th (Monday) to July 12th (Friday), a total of 5 days (one week).

3). 第三梯次(小小美食營🍜): 7 月 15 日(一)~7 月 19 日(五) ,共 5 天(一週)

The Third Session (Little Culinary Camp) :

July 15th (Monday) to July 19th (Friday), a total of 5 days (one week).

報名日期 Registration Period:即日起至 4 月 26 日(五)臺灣時間下午 3:00 截止 From now until April 26th (Friday) at 3:00 PM Taiwan local time (UTC+8)

早鳥優惠截止日 Early Bird Discount Deadline: 3/22(五)下午 3:00 止 March 22nd (Friday) at 3:00 PM Taiwan local time (UTC+8)

🖥️線上報名網址 Online registration link:

📑 報名簡章 Admissions Brochure:

💰費用 Tuition Fee:

1). 單梯次學費 Single session tuition fee: NT$ 13,000

2). 單梯次早鳥優惠價學費: NT$ 11,700

🔺備註:以上報價含課程學費、教材費、午餐、下午點心及課程成果展相關費用(不含住宿)。 Note: The above quotation includes tuition fees, materials fees, lunch, afternoon snacks, and related expenses for the achievement exhibition. Accommodation is not included.

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