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2022 文藻園遊會攤位志工招募中! 2022 Wenzao School Fair Vendors: Volunteers Wanted!

📜報名連結 Sign Up

📅 時間 Time

2022/ 12/10 (Saturday), 08:00- 15:30

📜 地點 Venue

文藻校園 Wenzao Campus

⛔️ 報名截止日 Registration Period

11/9(三) 下午17:00

end to the 9th of Sep(Wed) 17:00


  1. 中心將替您負擔支出的費用,採購前請務必跟辦公室討論過後再購買。

  2. 請將收據或發票(打上學校統編76000424)於活動結束後兩日內提供給辦公室,將於請款後將此次支出費用提供給您。

  3. 需繳交押金300元後才能視為完成報名手續。

  4. 參與者將獲得精美小禮物一份。

  5. 12/12 (一) 華語中心仍照常上課,請記得來上課喔。


  1. The center will cover the expenses for you, please make sure to discuss with the office before purchasing.

  2. Please provide a receipt or invoice (with the school code 76000424) to the office within two days of the event, and we will provide you with the cost of this expense after the payment is made.

  3. A deposit of $300 is required to be paid, after that it will be considered that the registration is completed.

  4. Participants will receive a exquisite small gift.

  5. 12/12 (Mon) The class of CLC will continue as usual, please remember to come to class!


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