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2022 Winter Term Entry procedures & Regulations

Entry Restriction: 2022 Winter Term Arrival Date & Time

  • 11/7~11/28

  • Mondays ~ Fridays

  • 08:00~16:00

Entry Regulations

  • No limitations on Airports(Kaohsiung International Airport is recommended because if you have symptoms upon arrival, you must take a quarantine taxi, which the government no longer subsidizes)

  • From 10/13 onwards, the protocol will be changed to a 0+7 day self-initiated prevention period. Below are the related regulations.

  1. Self-initiated prevention locations can now be chosen from rented accommodation, family and friends' homes or hotels providing it meets the criteria of One Person per Room (independent bathroom).

  2. Those with no symptoms can take public transportation at the airport or be transported by friends or relatives to their self-initiated prevention location.

  3. Those with a symptom(s) must take immediate saliva PCR at the airport. Upon completion of the PCR test, they will need to follow the instructions of the center staff and take the quarantine taxi to their self-initiated prevention location(Mileage will be calculated at your own expense. Taoyuan Airport to Kaohsiung approx. NT$10,000. Kaohsiung International Airport to Kaohsiung city area approx. NT$1000 - NT$3000). If the test result is positive, students might be arranged to go under quarantine by the CDC in a centralized quarantine facility.

  4. During the seven-day self-initiated prevention period, those who are asymptomatic and have had a negative rapid test result within two days are allowed to go out, enter school and attend classes.

Entry Procedures:

  1. Students submit the application and required documents. 

  2. The center informs students of the process, and regulations and sends out the consent form.

  3. Students return the signed consent form

  4. The center sends out the invoice and students return with the proof of payment

  5. The Center issues the admittance letter after the payment is received.

  6. Students apply for visas, purchase airline tickets and arrange for accommodation during the 7-day self-initiated prevention period.

  7. Students must submit the following items to the center 7 working days before the expected date of entry. No late submission will be accepted.

    1. Scanned copy of the Visa

    2. Flight ticket and detailed itinerary (Must comply with the center’s entry restriction)

    3. Details of the accommodation during the 7-day self-initiated prevention period.

      1. Proof of hotel booking is required for those who plan to stay in a hotel

      2. For those staying in general accommodation, supporting details such as photographs (the room must be clearly identifiable as One Person per Room with an independent bathroom) and the address of the accommodation, and the contact details of the house owner must be provided.

      3. If the photo does not clearly identify the accommodation as meeting the one person per room with an independent bathroom specification, the application for staying in a general accommodation will be rejected and reservations for hotels that meet the criteria must be made within one day. In case of failing to comply with the regulation, the center will notify the CDC in accordance with the regulations and all penalties and fines will be borne by the student.

  8. The center uploads the student's entry information to the Ministry of Education's entry system and obtains the Ministry's approval.

  9. Four days before boarding, students must join the entry LINE group set up by the center.

  10. Students must stay in touch with the center throughout the process and take initiative to report back to the Center's entry group at various key points.

  11. Upon arrival, you will need to follow the instructions of the port staff to complete the following process:

    1. Symptom Screening(immediate saliva PCR is required for those who have symptoms)

    2. Passport Checking

    3. Baggage claiming

    4. Pick up 4 rapid test kits at the baggage claim hall

    5. Customs Baggage Inspection

  12. Apply for a mobile phone SIM card (A SIM card with at least 10 days of unlimited internet access is recommended) at the lobby and report the mobile phone number to the center.

  13. For those who have symptoms, they will be guided online by our staff to their own accommodation location during their 7-day self-initiated prevention period by a quarantine taxi. Those who are not symptomatic can travel by public transportation to their own accommodation location after checking with the center staff.

  14. Report to the center's LINE group as soon as you arrive at the accommodation location.

  15. If you need to go out during the 7-day self-initiated prevention period, you must be free of symptoms and have a negative rapid test result which is done within two days. To apply for entering the school, a negative rapid test result which is done within two days must be provided to the center no later than 3 pm one working day before the expected date of the visit to the school. You can only. The center reserves the right to ask students to leave the school immediately if they fail to comply with the rules and regulations, and no application will be processed (including taking classes).

If any of the above rules are violated, the center will immediately cancel the student's qualification and report to the relevant government agencies. The violators will be forced to leave the country right away. Violators are at risk of deportation.

Items to Prepare before Departuring

  • Passport

  • Vaccination Certificate in English or Chinese (If quarantine is required in the future, an immediate proof will be required and failure to provide immediate proof will be considered as unvaccinated)

  • Laptop & headset & microphone (recommended for online courses during quarantine)

  • Adapter

  • Cash (For entry at Kaohsiung International Airport, you will need to bring approximately NT$2,000-4,000; For entry at Taoyuan International Airport, you will need to bring approximately NT$12,000 - 15,000)

Please note that the application period for the 2022 Winter term for students who are not in Taiwan has already ended on the 4th of October. We no longer accept applications for the 2022 Winter term from overseas.

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