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【2021秋季移地學習】橋頭糖廠一日遊 2021 Autumn Field Trip: Qiaotou Sugar Manufacturing Factory (Sugar Factory)

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高雄糖廠舊稱「橋仔頭糖廠」,是臺灣第一座現代化機械式製糖工廠,創建至今已有112年歷史,被列為市定(原高雄縣)文化景觀。 製糖工場、日式木屋、防空洞、紅磚水塔等昔日古物保存完好;沿襲自日治時代的社宅事務所與俱樂部不但具有歷史意義,外觀面貌也是一絕,為日本人模仿荷蘭在東南亞殖民地的建築,除了架高的地基外,迴廊與連續拱門仿自歐洲建築風格。 橋頭糖廠相當重視糖業文史的保存與利用,高雄市政府亦不定時在糖廠內舉辦藝文活動,廠區內留有進駐藝術工作者之創作,與糖廠景物融為一體,成為最佳的裝置藝術。 橋頭糖廠園區與高雄花卉農園中心之間由觀光五分車連結,兩邊的設施特色迥然不同,是學校戶外教學的最愛。


Qiaotou Sugar Factory officially started its operation on January 15, 1902 and could squeeze 200 tons of sugar cane a day, thus starting the first wave of industrial revolution in Taiwan. It led Taiwan into its glorious era of sugar gold and set many indicating records in the sugar industry of Taiwan. However, due to drastic change of economic environment, the factory squeezed its last sugar cane on February 28, 1999, ending its century-long sugar manufacturing operation.

To emphasize the special historical status of Qiaotou Sugar Factory, the former Kaohsiung County Government (now Kaohsiung City Government due to county–municipal incorporation) was designated a county historical heritage preservation area in 1988. Taiwan Sugar Corp. designated this factory a museum of Taiwan’s sugar industry on May 1, 2006.

Currently, it preserves a part of the wall of the first sugar factory site, which was built 100 years ago, for people to recall past memories. The whole sugar manufacturing factory was opened to the public for visitors to experience the procedure of sugar manufacturing from transporting sugar cane, squeezing, cleaning, evaporation, crystallizing, molasses separation, and packaging in order to understand the hardship of sugar manufacturing.

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