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【短片競賽】在文藻學華語的小時光 開始報名了!Short Film Competition- The Precious Moment in Wenzao Registration started!


還是已經中文已經說的很流利了 🗣️💬

只要你敢說,會拍短片,現在有個讓大家看到你學習成果的機會!💫 Whether you're just starting to learn Chinese? 📚

Or already speak Chinese fluently 🗣️💬

As long as you're willing to speak and make a short video, now you have a chance to show everyone your learning achievements! 💫

如果你剛好要到台北.歡迎到我們的 台北教室 看看,找我們的蔡老師聊聊天。若是影片拍到台北教室,可以有額外的加分喔。快點呼朋引伴跟朋友一起紀錄每個精彩時刻,就有機會得到獎金。讓更多人看到不一樣的台灣,更不一樣的你,紀錄你在文藻的小時光! If you will travel in Taipei, feel free to drop by our Taipei classroom and have a chat with Teacher Henrick Tsai. If your video features the Taipei classroom, you'll get some extra bonus points! So grab your pals, capture those exciting moments, and you might just win some prize. Let's show the world a different side of Taiwan, and a different side of you, by capturing your unforgettable moments at Wenzao!

📅 報名期限 Submission 即日起至 8/3 17:00 截止收件

From now until 17:00 on August 3rd 2023.

🙋‍♂️ 參加資格 Eligibility


Students enrolled in the summer term at the center have the option to participate either individually or as part of a team.

🔗 報名連結 Sign up link

完成報名者才會取得影片上傳連結 (Only registered participants will be provided with the video upload link.)

📃 比賽規則 Regulation

💰 獎項 Awards


The winners will receive cash prizes and certificates! 快點報名囉!Hurry up and seize the opportunity to sign up now!🏃🌪️

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