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高雄市警察局邀請外籍生演出犯罪預防宣導片!KCPD Invites Foreign Students to Participate in Crime Prevention Awareness Film

親愛的華語中心學生們, 你想要一個機會,能夠以獨特的方式參與台灣社會,同時也展現自己的演技和創造力嗎?如果答案是肯定的,那麼我們有一個特別的機會等待著你! 高雄市政府警察局少年警察隊現在熱烈徵求在台灣的外籍學生,來協助演出一部重要的犯罪預防宣導短片。這個項目的目的是通過影片傳播關於犯罪預防的重要訊息,並且提供具體的建議,以確保我們的社區變得更加安全。我們相信,你可以成為這個重要信息的傳遞者! 儘管沒有報酬,但成功獲選並參與拍攝的每位學生將獲得高雄市政府警察局特別為你準備的精美小禮物,以表示感謝和讚譽。

你需要做的事情很簡單: 1. 在11月1日之前,到華語中心辦公室報名參與。 2. 準備好展現你的演技和創造力。 3. 參與拍攝,成為宣導犯罪預防的英雄!

這是一個獨特的機會,可以讓你在台灣學習期間參與社區服務,同時也增加你的演技技能。不僅如此,你將成為一個有影響力的宣導者,對社會的發展起到積極作用。 請不要錯過這個機會,前來華語中心辦公室報名,讓我們一同為建立更安全的社區而努力!

Dear CLC Students, Are you looking for an opportunity to engage with Taiwanese society in a unique way while showcasing your acting and creative skills? If your answer is yes, then we have a special opportunity waiting for you! The Kaohsiung City Government Police Bureau Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Brigade is currently seeking foreign students in Taiwan to assist in the production of an important crime prevention awareness short film. The purpose of this project is to disseminate vital information about crime prevention through the film and provide specific recommendations to ensure our community becomes safer. We believe you can be a messenger for this important information! Although this is an unpaid opportunity, every selected student who participates in the filming will receive a special gift prepared by the Kaohsiung City Government Police Department as a token of

appreciation and recognition.

Here's what you need to do: 1. Sign up at the CLC office before November 1st. 2. Be prepared to showcase your acting and creativity. 3. Participate in the filming and become a hero in promoting crime prevention!

This is a unique opportunity that allows you to engage in community service during your study period in Taiwan and enhance your acting skills. Moreover, you will become an influential advocate contributing positively to society's development. Don't miss this chance; come to the CLC office and sign up. Let's work together to build a safer community!

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