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實體華語班,隨報隨上! Pay-as-You-Go In-person Chinese Programme!

A Flexible, Affordable Chinese Programme!
Join our Chinese Courses Anytime You Want!

💰學費 Tuition/


Classes per time

學費 (元/堂)

Tuition (NT$/per class)​

15-29 classes​


30-44 classes


45~59 classes​


60~74 classes​


75+ classes​



📝如何申請 How to apply?

  • 第二步:下載學費試算表,並勾選你要上課的日期。

  • Step 2: Download the Tuition Spreadsheet and tick the dates that you want to attend the class. 

隨報隨上優惠方案學費試算表 Join our Chinese Courses Anytime You Want! (1)
Download XLSX • 50KB

  • 第四步:我們將盡快寄發報價單給您,繳費完成後即可開始上課。

  • Step 4: A Proforma Invoice of Tuition will be sent to you via email after the application is approved. 


💡 注意事項 NOTE/

  • 非文藻學生以及不須簽證之外籍人士適用此方案。

  • This programme is applicable to non-Wenzao students who do not need to apply for a visa.

  • 用此方案上課的學生無法申請結業證書,亦無法申請成績單。

  • Students who take the offer cannot apply for the Course Completion Certificate, nor transcript.

  • 儘能開立學習時數證明。  

  • Students who take the offer can only apply for an attendance letter.

  • 仍須遵守團體班須知之規定。  

  • Students who take the offer still have to follow the Group Class Rules.

  • 程度可能會有落差,學生若仍要參加, 則須自行補上。

  • If the class does not suit your level and you still want to take it, please catch up on previous lessons by yourselves.


💬 聯絡我們 Contact us/

  • Email:

  • LINE Official Account: @wzuclc

  • TEL: (07)3426031 #3302~#3309


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