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2022 春季班學期成績開放查詢 Release of Results for Spring Term 2022

2022 春季班學期成績現已開放查詢!按我查詢

💡請注意:學期成績未達 70 分者,下學期續讀時不予升級。(查看學生須知

The results for Spring Term 2022 are released. Click here to access your results.

💡Note: Students with a term grade average under 70 will NOT move to the next level in the following term. (Group Class Students Rules)

學期評分項目及標準Evaluation Items and Standards

注意事項 Notice

成績查詢 Access your results here

輸入學號後請按 Enter 查詢。


Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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