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2020冬季班【加碼優惠再加碼】獲獎名單 2020 Winter Term 【Exclusive offer】 Recipients Announced

  • 阮〇〇燕 (T** H*** D**m NG***N)

  • 山〇曉 (A** Y****aka)

  • 柯〇孟 (S****a K****r)

  • 蘇〇傑 (K***r S***j K***R)

  • 金〇璟 (Y**ky***g K*M)

  • 曲〇娜 (K*****na N******vna Z****TCH)

  • 戴〇娜 (D***a G***l B******N C*****AS)

  • 吳〇當 (A**m M***a W********WSKI)


華語中心2020年冬季班加碼優惠,請你【12月31日(五)下午5:00前】至華語中心完成相關手續, 如果超過時間就不能領取優惠了 。

🎉Congratulations on Winter Term Exclusive offer!

Please come to the CLC office and complete the procedures before 5 p.m. on December 31.

If you don't come before December 31, you can't receive the reward.

如有符合獲獎資格而不在得獎名單者, 亦於12月31日(五)下午5:00前親至華語中心確認獲獎資格, 逾時不候。

If you are qualified to get the reward but not in the list, please also come to the CLC office before 5 p.m. on December 31. Otherwise, you will be disqualified afterwards.

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