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2022 冬季班獎學金獲獎名單 2022 Winter Term Scholarship Recipients

We hope you take pride in being included and celebrate the achievement of your Chinese goals! Congratulations!🎉

華語成績最優獎 EXCELLENCE/LEVEL 1-2 💰NT$3,000

  • 亞維茲 Brian Mark YAWITZ (美國 United State)

  • 朱輝慶 Rexy Trio Syaputra WIJAYA (印尼 Indonesia)

  • 李惠勝 Vincent ARMANDO (印尼 Indonesia)

華語成績最優獎 EXCELLENCE/Level 3-5 💰NT$3,000

  • 宋諾莉 Noelia BALLESTER ALCANTUD (西班牙 Spain)

  • 金洪烈 Hong Yeol Kim (韓國 South Korea)

  • 三笘正太 Shota Mitoma (日本 Japan)

華語成績最優獎 EXCELLENCE/Level 6-9 💰NT$3,000

  • 渡邊幹太 Kanta WATANABE (日本 Japan)

勤學獎 DILIGENCE /Level 1-9 💰NT$1,000

  • 楊氏丁香 Thi Dinh Huong (越南 Vietnam)

  • 柯慈御 SAI AUNG HEIN (緬甸 Myanmar)

  • 愛麗莎 Elisa Victoria Twarkowsi (德國 Germany)

⚡請得獎同學於 2023 1/3 以前 至華語中心辦公室聯繫並完成相關手續,逾期不候。 ⚡Please make contact with the CLC office and complete the award procedures before the 3rd of January 2023. No late submission will be accepted.

如何獲得獎學金? How to get a scholarship?

🔎想如何獲得獎學金嗎? 按我瞭解詳情! 🔎Click here to learn more about the scholarships!

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