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時間和地點 Time & Venue

20 Oct, 1:10 pm – 5:10 pm GMT+8

華語中心 Chinese Language Centre

活動詳情 Event Details

  • 僅供本中心在學生報名。

  • 欲參加者請至華語中心辦公室繳交押金 NT$100 報名

  • Only available to students currently enrolled in our centre.

  • Sign up by paying a NT$100 deposit at the Chinese Language Centre office.


本中心每月固定開設各式主題講座,供本中心學員免費報名參加! 💡立即報名課程,來文藻學華語!


追蹤華語中心最新動態! Follow us on social media!

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