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【2020 在文藻學華語的小時光影片競賽】得獎名單 Winner List of 2020 Short-Film Competition: Learning Chinese at Wenzao

🥇Anh Tu NGUYEN (Vietnam🇻🇳)

特優獎:獎金新台幣 5,000 元,獎狀乙張,學費 8 折券乙張。

High Distinction Award: NT$ 5,000, one certificate, and one 20% off tuition coupon.

🥈Zeynep Nagihan Millet (Turkey🇹🇷)

優勝獎:獎金新台幣 3,000 元,獎狀乙張,學費 85 折券乙張。

Excellence Award: NT$ 3,000, one certificate, and one 15% off tuition coupon.

🏅Diana Barragan (Colombia🇨🇴)

人氣獎:獎金新台幣 1,000 元,獎狀乙張,學費 88 折券乙張。

Most Popular Video: NT$ 1,000, one certificate, and one 12% off tuition coupon.

👍Minh Thanh Thuy DOAN (Vietnam🇻🇳)

佳作:獎金新台幣 500 元,獎狀乙張。

Honorable Mention Award:a NT$500 prize & one certificate.



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