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2022春季移地學習》茂林一日遊 2022 Spring Term Field Trip: Maolin National Scenic Area

2022年春季移地學習- 茂林一日遊的活動即日起開始報名了👩‍💻
2022年春季移地學習- 茂林一日遊的活動即日起開始報名了👩‍💻

⏰時間&地點 Time & Venue

2022/04/30 (六) 30 Apr 2022, 7:10 am GMT+8

📜行程 Schedule

​時間 Time

​行程 Event


​The bus will leave promptly from Wenzao main gate at 08:00am


​Longtoushan Mountain Trail and Duonagao suspension Bridge


Lunch at Manxiangle Restaurant


​Duona Aboriginal Tribe answer contest with prizes


​Aboriginal Cultural experience


​Xinwei Forest Park, A mahogany avenue


​Back to Wenzao

💵費用Tour Fees

💰原價 Original Price

NT$ 800 (external students)

💰中心學生特價 Special discount for CLC students

NT$ 300(Including a NT$100 REFUNDABLE deposit and one CLC T-Shirt or Stylish Cap)

注意事項 Note

  1. 請於 3/31 前繳費 Please pay the fee before 31 March, 2022。

  2. 請先上網報名,再到華語中心繳交費用 Sign up Online and pay the fee at the CLC office.

候補名單說明 Waiting List Instruction

  1. Students' friends or relatives, original price, will be placed on the waiting list.

  2. If you were selected from the waiting list, you will receive an email from the CLC office on 8 April 2022.

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