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Online Chinese Course


The Best & Only University of Languages in Taiwan since 1966!


Years of 


Each year we welcome a huge number of diverse students to CLC to learn about the Chinese language and the culture.


Fully Customized


We offer personalized teaching, supplemented with multimedia technology and distance learning.

Working from Home

Remote Learning


All of our teachers are certified so that your online courses have the learning quality of face-to-face courses.



時數 Hours
個人班 1-on-1
二人班 1-on-2
10 hours
NT$ 9,000
每人 NT$ 7,200 (for each student)
20 hours
NT$ 16,200
每人 NT$ 12,960 (for each student)
40 hours
NT$ 30,600
每人 NT$ 24,480 (for each student)
60 hours
NT$ 43,200
每人 NT$ 34,560 (for each student)

Rules Concerning Tuition

  1. The tuition does not include the new student registration fee and teaching materials

  2. The online pre-class meeting can only be arranged after the application is completed and tuition is made.

  3. A student is not allowed to transfer his/her course to others, switch to another class, or change the type of course after completing the application and making the tuition payment.


Refund Policy

  1. The registration fee paid upon enrolment (NT$500) is not refundable.

  2. 90% of the tuition will be refunded if a student applies for a refund one day before his/her class starts.

  3. 50% of the tuition will be refunded if the class time has not reached one-third of the total number of hours.

  4. The tuition will not be refunded if classes taken by students have surpassed one-third of the total number of hours.


How to apply?

Step 1 - Online Application

Fill out the Online Application Form

Attention: after verifying your application, we will contact you about the details of your online courses by email.

Missing emails:

If you did not receive the email from us, check your Spam or Junk email folders. If you still can't locate this email, check with the CLC office via LINE or Facebook Messenger to confirm that we have your correct email address.

Step 2 - Tuition Payment

A Proforma Invoice of Tuition will be sent to the applicant by Email within’ 3 working days after the application is approved.

You could pay the fees by:

    1. cash

    2. credit card

    3. remittance

Step 3 - Notice of receiving the tuition

After receiving the tuition, we will email you the notice of receiving the tuition.


Step 4 - Confirmation of the time 

We will confirm the time of the online pre-class meeting and online classes with you by email in one week after you receive the notice of receiving the tuition.

Step 5 - The online pre-class meeting & Proficiency Test

  1. The Online pre-class meeting will be held before classes formally start, at which time the teacher from the Chinese Language Center will check students’ equipment, internet connection, and requirements for the classes.

  2. You might need to take a Proficiency Test during the pre-class meeting if you have learnt some Chinese before.

Step 6 - Online classes start 

Online classes start.

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