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【停課通知】颱風天停課通知 Class Suspension Notice

一、因杜蘇芮颱風來襲,高雄市政府宣布7月27日(星期四),全市「停止上班、停止上課」。 為確保學生及教職員安全,華語中心於明日停班停課。 二、本次停課中心將不另行補課。 三、高雄市最新停班停課訊息 【Typhoon Day Class Suspension Notice】 1. Due to the approach of Typhoon Doksuri, the Kaohsiung City Government has declared a city-wide "work and class suspension" on Thursday, July 27th. To ensure the safety of students and staff, the CLC will also suspend classes tomorrow. 2. There will be no makeup classes for this suspension. 3. For the latest updates on work and class suspensions in Kaohsiung City, please visit

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