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2023 Summer Term Special Offers

Announcement on Regulation in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

  1. If a student is tested positive, according to the current epidemic prevention regulation, there is no mandatory quarantine, and you can freely choose 0+5, students are allowed to go to school. However, if you are quarantined at home for 5 days, please be sure to report to the CLC office. After completing the aforementioned reporting system, the course will be switched to online.

  2. The current epidemic prevention regulations will be subject to change at any time in accordance with the announcement from the Ministry of Education.

2023 Summer Term Course Dates

2023.06.12 - 2023.08.25
15 hours per week

1. Early bird discount (Before 12, MAY)

  • New Applicants: 5% discount on the tuition of the group course

  • Former Students: 10% discount on the tuition of the group course

2. Late bird discount (13, MAY. - 09, JUN.)

  • New Applicants: 3% discount on the tuition of the group course

  • Former Students: 5% discount on the tuition of the group course

3. Terms and Conditions:

  • The tuition fee will be adjusted from the 2023 Spring term. The details of the adjustment will be announced in the latest news section on our official website.

  • For the unmentioned matters, we will act according to the announcement in the latest news section, group class rules and refund policy publicized on the official website of the center.

  • Due to the limited number of students in each class (10 students per class), places will not be reserved for those who have not paid the tuition or completed the placement test.


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