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EZ Chinese: Free Taiwanese Mandarin Lessons for Beginners

Learning Taiwanese Mandarin and Traditional Chinese Characters for #FREE!

Course Introduction

This course is designed to help international people who are interested in Chinese culture to learn practical Chinese phrases and conversations in everyday life.

What you'll learn?

This course uses a combination of interesting dialogues, vocabulary and grammar exercises to stimulate learners to use all their faculties and to increase their motivation to speak Chinese.

The aim is to inspire students of all levels and backgrounds to communicate and interact with local people.

Course Features

The content of the course is based on everyday life and, unlike the usual Chinese textbooks, there is more room for discussion on each topic. Through illustrations and example sentences, students are guided to make free associations, learn how to ask questions, and apply grammar and word order to simple sentence patterns. As they follow along and keep practising, they will naturally acquire culturally correct concepts of language.



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《EZ Chinese - i中文》註冊流程
《EZ Chinese - i中文》註冊流程

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