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運動會進場學生招募 Foreign Student Recruitment for Sports Day Parade

時間和地點 Time & Venue

2022年3月31早上6:50 在華語中心辦公室集合,我們為大家準備豐盛的早餐,還有免費中心T-shirt 一件。

We'll meet up at the CLC office on the 31st of March at 6:50. All participants can enjoy Taiwanese breakfast prepared by the CLC and will receive a free t-shirt as a gift.

Foreign Student Recruitment for Sports Day for the fun races 招募趣味競賽學生

  1. We are recruiting 20 students for the fun races of the Sport Day.

  2. Each team should have 20 people, including 16 female participants and male participants .

✔️ 3/25前上網報名。Please sign up online before 25th March

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