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Registration for Free TOCFL Preparation Class (Band A & B) is Now Available!

華語文能力測驗 (TOCFL) 考前準備班開放報名中!
華語文能力測驗 (TOCFL) 考前準備班開放報名中!

Class Information

  • Class Date: 21 April 2022 - 22 May 2022

  • Class Time: Every Tuesday & Thursday 13:10~15:00

  • Class Hour: 20 hours

  • Classroom: TBD

  • Eligibility: Wenzao CLC students who have enrolled in the 2022 Spring term

  • Maximum: 15 students

  • Tuition: NT$0 (Original: NT$5,000)


  1. Free for the CLC students who register 2022 Spring term and need to pay NT$1,000 as a deposit. Once the deposit is paid, you cannot drop the class.

  2. Students need to attend at least 16 hours of the class (8 times of the class) and will refund the deposit.

  3. Students can change the class during 4/21-4/26. But if there are only 5 students left in your original class, you can't change the class.

  4. Band A is for students in class 121~151.

  5. Band B is for students in the class 161~191.

👉🏻Sign up for the free TOCFL preparation class at the CLC office today!

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