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TOCFL Registration Fee Subsidy on Spring Term 2021!

💡 補助對象 Eligible participants

  1. 報名本中心華語課程團體班,並繳付整期學費之華語生。 Students who have registered for a group class of Chinese language courses and paid tuition in full for the whole session.

  2. 本補助案獲教育部補助,故領有政府獎學金者,恕無法重複申請。 Since this program is subsidized by the Ministry of Education, those who have received government scholarships cannot make an application.

💡 補助條件 Conditions for granting a subsidy

華語生於本中心就讀期間報考並且通過華語文能力測驗 (TOCFL),同時需符合以下條件後,可獲補助報名費。 Students will be granted a subsidy to cover their registration fee if they register and pass the TOCFL during their studies in Wenzao CLC and satisfy the following conditions:

  1. 每期每位華語生僅限申請補助一次。 Each student can only apply for a subsidy once per session.

  2. 每位學生每通過一個等級(Level)僅限補助一次。 Each student will only be granted a subsidy once each time when they pass a level of the TOCFL.

  3. 每位學生於繳付下一期學費後,可於下一期開課第三週起,憑通過當期考試之繳費收據,和通過任一等級(Level)之華語文能力測驗(TOCFL)證書影本(需檢附正本複驗),方得申請補助。 After paying tuition for the next session, each student should provide receipt of payment for taking and passing the exam of the current session, along with a TOCFL certificate at any level (the original of the certificate is required for a second review), from the third week of the next session onwards when making an application for a subsidy.

💡 補助名額與期別 Number of recipients and term


Twenty students from the group class of Spring term Chinese language course in 2021 will be granted subsidies. If there are remaining subsidies, they will be granted to students in the next session until no subsidy remains.

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