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2021 Summer Term Scholarship Recipients

We hope you take pride in being included and celebrate the achievement of your Chinese goals! Congratulations!


  • Thi Dinh Huong DUONG (Vietnam)

  • Sujin CHOI (Korea)

  • Benjamin John BROWNING (United Kingdom)

EXCELLENCE/Level 3-5 💰NT$3,000

  • Ellen DARLENE ( Indonesia)

  • Tomoka SATO (Japan)

  • Marwan MOUKARZEL ( Lebanon)

EXCELLENCE/Level 6-9 💰NT$3,000

  • Gianfilippo ZUCCARELLO ( Italy)

DILIGENCE /Level 1-9 💰NT$1,000

  • Thi Thu Thuy PHAM (Vietnam)

  • Thi Hong Diem NGUYEN (Vietnam)

  • Catherine Carretero CHEN (Philippines)

📌Please make contact with the CLC office and complete the award procedures before 9th of July. No later submission will be accepted.

🔎Click here to learn more about the scholarships!



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