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2021 Creative Contest of Chinese Reading

2021 Creative Contest of Chinese Reading
2021 Creative Contest of Chinese Reading
This competition aims to exhibit students’ oral expression ability in Chinese, as well as to enhance interest in learning Chinese!

📅Date & Venue

Contest Date &Time:

Wednesday, 11 Aug 2021, 13:10 – 15:00 GMT+8

Registration Deadline:

Friday, 30 July 2021


K1, Gongjian Hall, WZU

💡Event Details

Reference for the Contest:


All CLC students.


  1. Standard of Grading: Creativity 30%, Pronunciation 30%, Flow of Speech 30%, Fluency 10%. Total: 100%.

  2. Time: 2 minutes. 2 points to be deducted for every ten seconds if reading time is less than 1.5 minutes or more than 2.5 minutes.

  3. Participants will pick any article in Mandarin.

  4. The maximum number of participants is 20. The competition will be cancelled if there are fewer than 5 participants.


1-3 winners and 2 merit awards will be chosen, depending on the number of participants.

  • 1st prize: a first-place certificate and NT$3,000*.

  • 2nd prize: a second-place certificate and NT$2,000*.

  • 3rd prize: a third-place certificate and NT$1,000*.

  • Merit Award: a merit award certificate and NT$500*.

⚡Sign up now


2021創意朗誦大賽比賽辦法Creative Contest of Chines
Download • 650KB


Note: The organizer reserves the right to modify, change or suspend this activity. If there are any questions, please follow the relevant regulations or explanations of the organizer. The organizer may modify the contents of this announcement at any time.

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