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ATTENTION: 2021 Summer Term Group Class Regulation in Response to the Pandemic

The group classes are planned to be conducted "in-person on campus". In the event that the government announces the suspension of schools at all levels, in-person classes will be converted to online synchronous classes.

Theoretically speaking, the suspension of classes announced by the government is for two weeks. If the situation has gotten better, the form of teaching can be converted back to in-person. Otherwise, it’ll stay online.
  1. For those who have already made the payment for the group class for Summer term (2021) before the announcement announces, there are three options to choose from:

    1. Accepting the aforementioned arrangement.

    2. Transforming the tuition to online individual courses with the rate NT$720 per hour (Originally NT$900 per hour).

    3. Applying for a full refund on tuition.

  2. This announcement is posted on the center’s official website, media and official Line account, and will notify students who have paid the tuition of the group class for summer term (2021) by email. Students who have received the email notification, please reply before May 31 2021 regarding the preferable option. Those who do not reply before May 31 2021 will be regarded as choosing option “a”(Accepting the aforementioned arrangement).

  3. For those who pay after the announcement, if refunds are required, they will be processed in accordance with the center's refund policy.

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