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⚡Release of Class Information for Summer Term 2021

The 2021 Summer Term starts on 07 June 2021.

Here you will find your classroom, class time, and teaching materials by clicking here with your student ID number.


Course Adjustments in response to the government's epidemic prevention measures

📌Ongoing In-person Group Classes

In-person group classes will be "temporarily" moved online. Once the suspension is lifted, the in-person classes will be resumed.

📌Ongoing In-person Individual Classes

Students may choose to "temporarily" move their classes online, or postpone them until the suspension is lifted. (Learn more)

📌For New Individual class Applicants

During the period when the government announced the suspension of all schools, only the in-person group classes and online individual class registrations will be accepted.

Applications for in-person individual classes will only be accepted after the suspension has been lifted the.


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